When reliability matters

We are reliable


We are familiar with the demands of our clients and the nature of the industry we operate in and, our adept staff and technicians are readily available to meet these needs. Our association with several specialist contractors and service providers ensure that we always get the work done as scheduled and specified.

Cost Saving / Financial Prudence

Cost in the property management industry is a very vital element in the maintenance of value. In most instances, the running cost of a building or an asset is not factored in at the initial developmental stage, and this tends to make it unsustainable at the management stage. Our management skills and prudence ensures that all issues are resolved within the shortest possible time. We seek multiple quotations in our bid to strive to get the best value for money for our clients.

Customer Care and Tailored Made Service

The Talis team is readily available to our clients 24/7. Our personal approach seeks to enhance the sense of duty on the part of our officers and technicians. Our call to duty, despite our constant sense of urgency, is scheduled around our clients; home issues are inconvenient enough, fixing them shouldn’t be.

Our Processes and Methodology

Talis takes a straight-line approach: CRAWRP aiming to make the management process easier for both our clients and ourselves.

Call – Response – Assign – Work – Report - Payment

With this methodology, our focus is to take up all challenges, address all issues and tackle all problems for our clients as soon as possible, using the appropriate and feasible solutions to avoid any future side effects and complaints.

Partnership with Retail Outlets

Talis Property Services also has a specialized relationship with most of the top retail distributors in the country when it comes to electrical, plumbing and other general construction and maintenance equipment franchises. One can be assured of timely and quick responses in the replacements and repairs of most household appliances. Our relationship over the years with these companies also offers us the opportunity to access huge discounts.

Our Equipment Holding

At Talis Property Services, we pride ourselves in the investments we have made in acquiring state of the art equipment and aids for our workforce. Safety is key and we ensure our staff (and clients should the need be) are well protected and clearly visible.

Current buildings under our management
  • Palmer's Place – Airport Residential Area
  • Avant Garde – Labone
  • Acasia – Cantonments
  • The Devtraco Plus Office Complex
  • Bella Villa Devtraco Court – Tema Community 25